Wednesday, October 22, 2008

THE LIST #3: Socks on table

NEVER put socks on a table! No foot-related things in general.
No socks.
No shoes.
No used toenail clippers.
No sandals, boots, slippers, clogs, feet, toes, OdorEaters(TM), sneakers, etc.!

So there!

Remember when you... Embarrassed youself?

Uhhhh, yeah, hundreds of times. I still cringe when I think in detail of the moments in which I've made a complete fool of myself. And I don't learn! I can still embarrass myself royally. It just never gets any easier.

But one lesson from the future is that- there, there - you are human, you are loved, we all cringe with you every step of the way. Usually, Past Self, you finally do get over embarrassments. They sting like paper cuts (OK, sometimes like broken legs) but they always heal. That's part of toughening up inside (but see above: never gets easier).

When I leave this earth, I hope I gain access to the great Answer Book and remember to ask the question "What was the most embarrassing thing anyone ever did?" The Truth is out there somewhere! It comforts me to know that none of my stories probably even compare to that "great one" :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"THE LIST" #2: Signs of trouble

Be aware of the first signs of trouble of any kind. Whether it's:
- a faint smell of smoke
- an onion or potato smell in your pantry
- the sight of a water stain
- a tiny crack in a wall
- an oil drip from your car
- one ant or pantry moth in your house
- a new noise in your car
- someone mentions a little something that clicks in your head (sign of feeling jealous, neglected, suicidal?)

ALWAYS force yourself to investigate! Sooner than later. These things do not go away, they come from something and you know it.

So don't put off signs of trouble. Be a detective. Focus and take care of it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I wish I... took "hug" pictures

I always meant to take pictures of my husband and I hugging (or arm around) each of our kids separately so that they would have these pictures to cherish later on. There are plenty of whole family pictures, but I think it's important for children to know that they are special as separate beings to their parents.

Right now I wish I had a picture like that of my parents hugging me when I was little. Or even from adult years. My dad is gone now; it would be nice to look at a hug picture and "feel" his hug again. Same with my two dogs who died this summer. I wish I had a full arm-wrap hug picture with each of them.

Pictures are powerful reminders for your brain; and emotional pictures can have great depth and comfort.

Go take a hug picture today!

"THE LIST": #1- Lost Items

When you lose something, 95% of the time the lost item is right where your gut says it should be! Still can't find it? Check that place more thoroughly. Change your perception of what you think you're looking for (i.e., the color of the envelope, the size or shape of the item, etc.). Maybe you will have to lift things that are covering it. Check again! It's there!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lessons from the future?

In the back of my mind, i am always aware that my life exists as a whole unit in some dimension/reality even though I only traverse it on the one wavelength. So, I guess this is a leap, but I think it appropriate to try and inform my past self of pitfalls from the vantage point of my current self. Why not? To the me from long ago these are lessons from the future. I send them out into the metaphysical wayback machine, to a past me. And if you are currently traveling along your own younger path right now, then to you as well. Help yourself.

I aim to include lessons I've learned along the way, from the sublime to the mundane. Parental, practical, spiritual, whatever. Who knows? Could be like good advice. Or not.