Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Remember when you... Embarrassed youself?

Uhhhh, yeah, hundreds of times. I still cringe when I think in detail of the moments in which I've made a complete fool of myself. And I don't learn! I can still embarrass myself royally. It just never gets any easier.

But one lesson from the future is that- there, there - you are human, you are loved, we all cringe with you every step of the way. Usually, Past Self, you finally do get over embarrassments. They sting like paper cuts (OK, sometimes like broken legs) but they always heal. That's part of toughening up inside (but see above: never gets easier).

When I leave this earth, I hope I gain access to the great Answer Book and remember to ask the question "What was the most embarrassing thing anyone ever did?" The Truth is out there somewhere! It comforts me to know that none of my stories probably even compare to that "great one" :-)

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